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Gingham is Back and Better Than Ever | Lonny Mag

In 2018, we finally saw the resurgence of gingham. What seemingly started with sleek Reformation dresses and silk bandanas has now made its way back into interiors, and we couldn’t be more excited. This 500-year-old pattern is one of the most versatile prints of all time — it plays well with any interior design style, from rustic and traditional to modern and minimalistic. 

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Designing a Cubicle

Lots of things have changed, including the fact that I got a big girl job at KREWE. Yep, I've left the life of freedom and financial instability. It's my third week and it's been a really amazing transition. ANYWAYS, now I have a cubicle! And we all know that I am severely affected by my physical surroundings. I ordered a bunch of shit and I'm about to make this thing cute AF.

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