Designing a Cubicle

Woah, it's been a minute. Lots of things have changed, including the fact that I got a big girl job at KREWE. Yep, I've left the life of freedom and financial instability. It's my third week and it's been a really amazing transition. I'm enjoying working with a big team, building something bigger than myself that's already established. It's a new challenge that I'm really thankful for!

ANYWAYS, now I have a cubicle! And we all know that I am severely affected by my physical surroundings. I ordered a bunch of shit and I'm about to make this thing cute AF


I got rid of this big computer stand to make way for a stack of magazines. It takes up way less space and is WAY more appealing. I'm also thinking about bringing in a piece of cork board or wood to pin up mood board photos with, because everything is looking a bit too grey and white at the moment. 

Vase 1 / Vase 2 / Vase 3 / Magazine Holder / Desk Organizer / Catch All tray

If I could buy any piece of art, I'd buy this from Sunday Shop. I might be more financially stable, but I definitely can't drop over $200 at this I'll probably go with something like this for now.

Not like I'll ever be applying nail polish at work, but J. Hannah's branding is amazing and it's good to have on-hand for touchups ;) At least that's the excuse I give myself. 

I've also been on the hunt for a wooden chain ( I can only find this stone one!!!) because we all know how much I love useless objects!!!!! Why are useless objects so expensive!???

That's all for now. Pics of the real cubicle to come.

- A