New Orleans Bywater Roofdeck

Things have been CRAZY, as they always are for literally everyone, and I'm trying to get on a solid posting schedule. Remember that time every social media platform blocked my website, and then when I changed my website over I lost ALL of my old content? It happened. Isn't life great? 

Anyways, you might have remembered me talking about a roof deck project that I was doing for a restaurant opening in the Bywater of New Orleans next year. That's also happening. I'm here, months and months later, about to take you through my process of designing the space!


The team decided on a mixture of elements between Mood 2 and Mood 3! They loved the airy lightness of Mood 2. They also liked the fact that bench seating along each wall could potentially save space, labor costs, storage and general $$$$$! Because of the venue being open to weddings and corporate events, they did want to make a statement and elevate the roof a bit. 

This decision made me SO EXCITED and I had literally a million ideas floating around in my head. I then presented two general directions we could go in, furniture wise. I also pitched installing a vertical green wall on the street-side, to cover up the drab roof next door and create a more intimate experience for guests. 

The design of the space calls for bar seating, bench seating on the street-side wall with tables for eating, and two-to-three hangout areas parallel to the bench seating on the other side. So, we ultimately need a great table-chair pair, two couches and chairs to surround those hangout areas, and a KILLER bar seating situation. Each area needs to exist in cohesion, but be able to stand alone as a powerful vignette. Reflecting back, I think I got my head stuck on these two separate directions when I needed to merge them together. See below.


Aren't these two just so drastically different? Like, calm the fuck down Ashley! I thankfully took a step back and was able to merge elements of both the modern, geometric items and rustic, natural items.

After we discussed a bit more about the budget, some of these purchases would just not be able to happen. I took to Ebay and Etsy to find some really amazing statement furniture pieces that could work with our goals, but still carried that elevated, rustic vibe.


Imagine these fiberglass bar stools with custom #millenialpink cushions up against that modern marble bar, contrasting the dark wood wall and floor panels. I DIE. 


This vintage glider would look absolutely amazing with custom cushions on it. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 3.55.22 PM.png

I'm obsessed with this chair!!!!! It is gorgeous to me, and I know it doesn't look comfortable but I made them order it so we could at least try it in the space.

This table has my vote hands-down. I know brass can get really hot during the day and reflect, but I was certain that we could seal this and had to give it a shot. Also, it's cheaper than the other wooden option.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 3.36.58 PM.png

These were a crowd favorite. They're interesting, sturdy and handmade in Germany so you can get whatever color you want custom painted for you! 


This wasn't my favorite, but it was the cheapest option for getting a wooden sofa outside. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 3.55.17 PM.png

I'm also obsessed with this chair and suggested having 2 of them for one of the hangout areas with a wooden stub between them (to hold drinks, etc).

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 3.55.41 PM.png

This table is basic AF but it was lightweight, portable and storable which is what the team wanted/needed. 

This is where we alllll started. I'll be back soon to show you where we landed! Don't forget to tell me what you favorite pieces are and why below!