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Works of Heart: Ansley Givhan | Trés Americain

When everyone around us, in life or just on Instagram, seems to be striving for perfection, it’s refreshing to see someone embodying imperfection. Embracing the clutter. Enter: artist Ansley Givhan. We think she could teach us all a little bit about the art of discovering oneself, doing something just for you, and embracing exactly who you are, unashamed, mess and all.

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Designing a Cubicle

Lots of things have changed, including the fact that I got a big girl job at KREWE. Yep, I've left the life of freedom and financial instability. It's my third week and it's been a really amazing transition. ANYWAYS, now I have a cubicle! And we all know that I am severely affected by my physical surroundings. I ordered a bunch of shit and I'm about to make this thing cute AF.

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