Bedroom Plan

Most of y'all know I moved back to New Orleans, but did you know I moved back in with my parents? HA. Yeah. Hopefully the transparency is refreshing. Post-grad life is real.

I'm in my childhood bedroom, we recently painted it white, and I'm trying to transform it into some sort of bedroom/office/creative space. My goal is to save up the next couple of months while kickstarting my freelance business into something bigger, and hopefully invest in some sort of property here to rent out while I'm STILL living with my parents in order to gain capital and all that adult responsible shit. 

Side-bar: I want to note that I feel very blessed and privileged to live in New Orleans rent-free, even if it's with my parents. Some people think it's lame and others wish they could be in my situation. I also learned recently that the US is one of the only countries where graduates are "expected" to go out on their own and NOT live with their parents! In some places, where the rent is insane like in Seoul, children live with their parents until 28-29 and it's seen as perfectly normal.

That's what I'm telling myself to keep from freaking out. Anyways, off to the inspiration and plan! 

Figuring out my style has been a long and weird road. Though, as people, we forever change and evolve, I have always been able to identify a person's style by the clothing they wear or objects they're drawn to. It's much more difficult for myself, because I feel like I'm drawn to a wide range of styles in the contemporary, eclectic, victorian and ornate categories. I love ornate gold mirrors and velvet just as much as striped sheets with a minimalist lamp or mismatched chairs against a lightwood modern table. I'm also have so much buyer's guilt that I can barely commit to purchasing a piece. SO it's been a struggle, but I'm getting there. 

Here's my plan for the bedroom so far:

I plan on rotating my grey and white striped sheets with dusty pink linen sheets from West Elm, as well as either a white or pink duvet. I don't know what to pick (HELP!). Above my bed will hang my first adult purchase and forever favorite mirror of all time, the Abate slatted mirror from Anthropologie. Beside the bed are nesting acrylic tables. I'm going to try to find a lamp like this because this one is $250 and I don't have that kind of money to drop on a lamp. LOL @ me with my empty wallet and expensive taste.

I currently have a vintage floral couch (found for $25 at a garage sale!) and handmade lightwood coffee table across from my bed. Also, I have a vintage wardrobe from my aunt that will be on one wall—not pictured. It's a beautiful dark wood and brings in more of that sophisticated, moody victorian feeling. Because of this, I need more modern pieces and casual, eclectic accents to incorporate into the room. I found this simple shelf that can act as a mantle and catch-all area since I don't have a bookshelf, can't hang shelves from the wall, and can't afford these. Excuse me while I sell my eggs for profit. 

Otherwise, I'm planning on getting a rattan chair and investing in some good, eccentric art. I have a handful of carafes and other eclectic ceramics to put on the ikea shelf as well. 

One day I'll own a place and have white floorboards and stumble upon an antique apothecary cabinet like the one above, but until then, this is it. 

Let me know what you think about the plan! I'm excited to finally get settled and tie everything together. Have a great rest of your weekend, loves!

P.S. If you ever stumble upon an antique apothecary cabinet please tell me, I call dibs.