Rome in 3 Days

Ah, ROMA! I miss Italy so much. The weather, the architecture, the food, the wine—THE GOLD. It's a fantastic city with a shitload of stuff to do. I only spent a long weekend in Rome, so I'm about to give you the lowdown on how to do Rome in only 3 days. 


What's interesting about Rome is that the touristy shit is actually amazing. You should have the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican and all that good stuff on your list. You should most definitely sing Hilary Duff's "Hey Now" while tossing a penny into the Trevi Fountain. 


Y'all know how I travel cities: location, location, location. I round up all of the things that are in a certain area and assign them to days. So, one day will be all about Vatican City (Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica, etc.) All of the good, expensive restaurants are around here #popemoney. A lot of great shopping is over here as well! Take a day to walk around and leisurely explore!

Another day will be about the Trevi Fountain, since a lot of touristy things are around there (Spanish Steps, a bunch of different Piazzos, and all of the gelato). Palazzo means palace. Go to the Palazzo Colonna and any other fucking palace you can get your hands on! If you go on a weekday, they aren't as busy, and you can take selfies with busts and cry over the sheer amount of gold and insane hand painted art on the walls and ceiling. Honestly, the palazzos I went to were more impressive than the Vatican. I know that's dumb, but the Vatican was busy, crowded and almost too overwhelming to take in. These palaces are smaller, but mighty, and you can take your time without feeling claustrophobic. 


I hiiiiiiighly recommend signing up for an Airbnb experience. It was the best thing I did on the trip! 

You can walk everywhere in Rome, just bring comfortable shoes. My feet were literally bleeding the day I walked from my airbnb near the Termini to the Vatican (it's my fault, I wore Forever21 mules like a dummy). 


I signed up for this wine tasting in Frascati, a town or so out from central Rome. It might sound intimidating but it was so easy! They gave you specific instructions, like what ticket to book at the Roma Termini and how the entire process would work. When I arrived at the station in Frascati, the two owners of the vineyard picked up the entire group to bring us to their home. We toured the vineyard and their distillery before heading out to the deck to have the tasting. It was honestly the most magical experience ever. I was with a couple on their honeymoon from Canada, and a family from the US who was all traveling together for a couple of weeks throughout Europe. The two owners of the vineyard, Luigi and his wife, brought out homemade charcuterie boards as well as bread which they paired with their homemade olive oil. It was so good, I bought a bottle to bring home with me. We stayed an hour later just for the hell of it. I cannot express to you how AMAZING these experiences are, especially if you're traveling alone and want to make some new friends. It's the perfect half-day, evening trip to take.


You truly cannot go wrong however you choose to spend your time in Rome. I wish you all the best on your travels!